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Connect your camera with all your devices using our ultra-fast class 10 WiFi SD card + cloud service.

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Add instant photo transfer to the camera you own. Eyefi Mobi sends pictures from your DSLR or point and shoot camera to your phone, tablet or desktop as soon as you take them so you can kiss the cords goodbye!


Don’t wait until your vacation ends to enjoy and share memories with friends and family. Eyefi Mobi lets you capture the moment, crop, edit and instantly share photos — on the spot — via your favorite social network.


Eyefi Mobi works with Eyefi Cloud to sync every picture you take to every device you own. Reminisce about your holiday on your smart TV or critique your last photo shoot on your desktop display. Learn more about Eyefi Cloud.

We’ll connect as many cameras as you can carry.

And then some. Go ahead and love all your cameras. Add Eyefi Mobi and experience the magic of instant photo transfer. Eyefi Mobi works like a regular SDHC card but includes built-in WiFi that pairs your camera to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac so as quickly as you can click the shutter you can watch your photos appear on your favorite device.

Camera Compatibility

Enjoy instant photo transfer to your favorite devices.

Simply add an Eyefi Mobi card to your favorite camera and experience the magic of enjoying and sharing your favorite photos as you take them. Download the Eyefi Mobi app to your mobile device to send photos to your smartphone or tablet. Download Eyefi Mobi desktop transfer to send photos directly to your PC or Mac. Then sign up for Eyefi Cloud so those photos are synced to all your devices — automatically.

Experience state-of-the-art performance with WiFi.

Eyefi Mobi delivers state-of-the-art WiFi with ultra-fast class 10 SDHC performance that is essential for low light, fast action shots and HD video. Cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony and other well-known brands are Eyefi Connected and include additional integrated technology for power management and prioritized transfer. Tech specs >

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