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Eyefi is the simplest and easiest way to get photos from your digital camera to your phone, tablet or computer and up into the cloud to share and enjoy on any device, anytime, anywhere. Eyefi Mobi to automatically transfers photos from your camera as you take them. Eyefi Cloud ensures you have your latest photo collection available on all your devices to enjoy and share anytime, anywhere.

Eyefi Mobi SD card and Mobile Apps

Add the benefits of instant photo transfer without the expense of purchasing a new camera. Eyefi Mobi works like a regular SDHC card, works in most cameras and includes built-in WiFi that pairs your camera to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac so you can take photos and videos and watch them appear instantly.

Transfer wirelessly

Instant photo transfer. Automatic organization.

Eyefi Cloud Service

Chose the camera you want to take the picture you want. Whether you use a DSLR with Eyefi Mobi, a WiFi-enabled camera or smartphone to take a photo Eyefi Cloud syncs it across devices making every picture you take instantly available to enjoy and share privately anytime, anywhere. Enjoy a 90-day or more free Eyefi Cloud membership with the purchase of an Eyefi Mobi card. Memberships available for $49.99/year USD.

Stay organized

Your unified and organized photo collection available anytime, anywhere.

Sync every shot

Sync every shot. Enjoy everywhere.

Share privately

Share privately. Notify automatically.

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Add State-Of-The-Art
Technology to Any Camera

Card x-ray

Powerful ARM CPU

Detects new pictures when you take them.
Activates WiFi only when there are new picture to transfer.
Guarantees transfers complete successfully to ensure reliability.
Low-power mode to conserve battery when not in use.


Built-in, secure WiFi connectivity

Operates wherever you are taking pictures.
Creates powerful b/g/n WiFi hotspot.
Unique SSID to make pairing with device easy.
Secure, encrypted connection between camera and device.


Outstanding SD card performance

State of the art memory from Samsung.
Stores up to 16,000 photos or 12 hours of video.
Super-fast support for burst mode and HD video capture.
Tested to ensure widest camera compatibility, reliability.


Beyond compatibility, Eyefi Connected*

Adds on-camera menu support for card functions.
Manually toggle WiFi on/off.
Prioritize transfer of images from card.
Camera screen displays card status information.

* Eye-Fi Connected cameras include additional features from the camera manufacturer that includes some or all of those mentioned.

Works with the camera you already own.

The ultra-fast class 10 Eyefi Mobi SDHC card with built-in WiFi is compatible with nearly any digital camera.

Check the camera compatibility matrix


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