Senior Back End Engineer

Long Beach, CA
Mountain View, CA

Eye-Fi, creator of the first wireless memory card for digital cameras, is building new and exciting products and services for photo enthusiasts. We recently launched the Mobi card, which connects directly to mobile devices, breathing new life into your camera. With offices in Mountain View and downtown Long Beach, we are looking for talented engineers to join the team in both locations.

About the team

Spread between two locations, we are in constant communication through HipChat. Each member gets their own HipChat emoticon (not of their own choosing). We use video conferencing (Zoom) for meetings and have video carts in each office. We use Pivotal to stay on top of our agile software practices, and are trying out SCRUM. The lines between back end, front end, devops, and QA have pretty much blurred at this point between all the technologies we use, and there is constant cross-pollination between the teams. We try to use as much open source software as we can, and we fork many GitHub projects. We try to enable development environments where everyone can work with the languages and technologies that they prefer and educate the rest of us not familiar with them. Everyone is responsible for the product collectively, and internal ownership is valued.

About the role

As a Senior Back End Engineer, you will be an integral member of our team, diving right into the heart of our back end code. You will be up and running with a server on your laptop and making curl calls against it by lunch on your first day. There are a number of areas that need some help and you'll have your pick of them, which include our Sync, REST, and OAuth2 APIs, and anything related to databases and ORMs, storage (MogileFS, S3). You will be expected to write clean code with unit tests (TDD? even better!), keep in touch with everyone throughout the day on HipChat, subscribe to Agile methods and participate in our SCRUM. Beyond that, if you get your stuff done, we're super flexible as far as hours, WFH, commuting, and gear.

You have proficiency and interest in

Languages and Technologies we use

GitHub, Vagrant, Puppet, AWS, OpenStack, OAuth2, REST, PHP, Composer, Symfony, JavaScript, Node.js, NPM, Ruby, Gem, MySQL, Riak, Memcache, MogileFS, S3, Gearman, Scribe, CircleCI, Coveralls, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Mocha, Grunt, Bower, Phantom

To learn more about our engineering opportunities and apply, please email (principals only — no recruiters)