The Top 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers

July 9, 2014

As featured on Huffington Post and Forbes.

More than almost any other creative medium, photography is intimately linked with the speed of technology. From the dawn of the internet, photographers have learned to use this socially wired space to reach their audiences, hone their craft, and express their unique visual voices. The impending result is that today's top photographers are also often the most socially savvy.

Photographers are avid users of Twitter, and one of the biggest communities to embrace Google+. They are often one of the first crowds to jump on new social tools, and have mastered the art of bringing their creations to an admiring online community. They revamped blogs to be all about pictures, and have made the web a more visually appealing space, in every conceivable way. And most of all, they've amassed massive followings that consume their photographs and ideas with rabid interest.

Yet the future of photography is a vastly changing landscape. This discussion has recently been fueled by Eyefi, the global leader in digital camera connectivity. Eyefi, in partnership with influencer marketing agency Evolve!, have recently announced the 30 most socially influential photographers, drawing them into an in-depth conversation about the ensuing phase of evolution for this essential creative medium.

What's next in the world of photography? The folks featured below are the ones to help answer this conundrum, and their skills and social reach will bring these advancements and ideas to the masses.

Congratulations on all who made the list! You can follow all these influencers on Twitter with just one click.

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Of course, our ranking is not the final word on the subject but rather the beginning of a discussion. Who do you believe belongs on the list? Who do you follow online for inspiration and which photographers do you feel like are missing from our list? Please share your thoughts in the Eyefi community forum or on our Eyefi Facebook page.

An alphabetical list of the top 100 most socially influential photographers is included below.